Associate Professor of Political Science


Past and Current Graduate Students

Peter Carey

Current PhD Student, University of California, Merced

Graduate assistant to the Online Peace Science Colloquium


Christopher Kromphardt

2015 PhD, University of Alabama

Dissertation: How Law Clerks Influence: U.S. Supreme Court Law Clerks as Information Sources

Dissertation Committee Member (Joseph Smith, chair)

Placement: Lecturer, Washington State University

Gina Lei Miller

2015 PhD, University of Alabama

Dissertation: Anticipating Backfire: The Effect of Institutions on Repression of Nonviolent Dissent

Dissertation Co-Chair (with Douglas Gibler)

Placement: Assistant Professor, George Fox University

Jacqueline M. Sievert

2014 PhD, University at Buffalo, SUNY

Dissertation: Authoritarianism and Information: Courts as Information Providers in Non-Democracies

Dissertation Committee Member (Harvey Palmer, chair)

Placement: Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University

Steven V. Miller

2012 PhD, University of Alabama

Dissertation: Territorial Threats and Individual Attitudes of Leadership, Corruption and Quality of Life

Dissertation Committee Member (Douglas Gibler, chair)

Placement: Assistant Professor, Clemson University