Associate Professor of Political Science


Exploring institutional structure and strategic conflict.

Peer-Reviewed Publications


Contentious Compliance: Dissent and Repression under International Human Rights Law. Book (with Courtenay R. Conrad). Forthcoming March 2019 with Oxford University Press.

A President Principal and Immigration Agents: A Moral Hazard. 2018. PS: Political Science & Politics 51 (1):17-25.

  • Part of a Spotlight symposium on repression policies under the Trump Administration.

Preventing and Responding to Dissent: The Observational Challenges of Explaining Strategic Repression (with Courtenay R. Conrad). 2016. American Political Science Review 110 (1): 85-99.

National Leaders, Political Survival, and Interstate Coalitions (with Scott Wolford). 2016. International Studies Quarterly 60 (3): 540-551.

Human Rights Treaties and Mobilized Dissent against the State (with Courtenay R. Conrad). 2016. Review of International Organizations 11 (4): 449-475.

Contagious Rebellion and Preemptive Repression (with Nathan Danneman). 2014. Journal of Conflict Resolution58 (2): 254-279.

Emigrants and the Onset of Civil War (with Gina Lei Miller). 2014. Journal of Peace Research 51 (1): 51-64.

Policy Disputes, Political Survival, and the Onset and Severity of State Repression. 2014. Journal of Conflict Resolution 58 (1): 143-168. 

Treaties, Tenure, and Torture: The Conflicting Domestic Effects of International Law (with Courtenay R. Conrad). 2013. The Journal of Politics 75 (2): 397-409.

Bargaining and the Effectiveness of International Criminal Regimes (with Scott Wolford). 2012. Journal of Theoretical Politics 24 (2): 149-171. 

  • Blog post applying the research to Seif al-Islam Qaddafi's interactions with the ICC for the Monkey Cage

  • Blog post applying the research to the possibility of clemency in exchange for al-Assad's cooperation with a peaceful solution for Syria for the Monkey Cage



Book Review of How Social Movements Die: Repression and Demobilization of the Republic of New Africaby Christian Davenport. 2017. Perspectives on Politics 15 (3): 907-908.

International Humanitarian Law in Civil War. 2014. Chapter in the Routledge Handbook of Civil Wars, edited by Edward Newman and Karl DeRouen, Jr. New York: Routledge.

Other Publications

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— Richard Feynman, 1988

Ongoing Projects

Oil Discoveries, Civil War, and Preventive State Repression (with Peter Carey, Curtis Bell, and Scott Wolford). Under review.

Updating and Uprising: Repression, Dissent, and Perceptions of Government Legitimacy (with Jessica Maves Braithwaite). 

Autonomy, Power, and Executive Constraint: Domestic Courts and State Repression. 

The Life Cycle of International Institutions. Project development funded by the Hellman Faculty Fund, 2017-2018.

The Evolution of International Institutions (with Heidi Hardt and Peter Carey).

  • Grant proposal for NSF funding submitted for review in January 2019 cycle.

Prospects & Protests, Repression & Risk (with Elaine Denny).

A Migrant’s Prospects (with Elaine Denny).

Outsourcing Repression (with Courtenay Conrad and Jessica Trounstine).

Suicide Prevention Message Delivery Project (with Sidra Goldman-Mellor). 

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— Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass, 1871